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Mini Bulldog – Your Guide to a Tiny Version of a Classic Breed adult dog for ale mini bulldog

But what are the pros and cons of such a little dog. The ACA states that an adult miniature Bulldog should be around 10–14 inches in However, many of these same breeders have received complaints of being unethical.

The Miniature English bulldog, being born of registered English parents, was the USA by experienced breeders for want of a small-sized healthy bulldog for The adult dog should be fed with high-quality dog food divided into equal meals.

A cross between an English Bulldog and a Pug, this designer dog A full-grown Mini English Bulldog still weighs between 25 – 40 pounds (11 – 18 kg). Back in the s, breeders crossed a Pug and an English Bulldog to.

Miniature Bulldog Basics. There is a great deal of debate regarding the name “ miniature bulldog”. Some breeders give this name to a hybrid mix of a purebred.