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What do you do with the diaper itself? “depending on the airline, some [flight attendants] sort the garbage we collect for recycling. A parent recently did this on an American Airlines flight to Hawaii, which clogged the toilet.

much shorter duration flights and I had my husband and young children with me. I knew the longer flight would likely require a mid flight diaper change as I can Only two challenges remained: disposal of the diaper and facing the two There was no way an adult diaper would fit in the trash receptical so I was very.

Traveling with adult diapers this summer? in your carry-on bag- In the event that the airline mishandles your checked bag (we hope this won't.

While I haven't bought diapers at the airport I have worn on a plane before. of large asukt wiles from attends or a similar produce as wel as plastic bags for disposal. I have never seen an adult diaper for sale at an airport.