My teenager is still wetting the bed. What should I do? - Winnie - back in diapers adult bed-wetting


Adult Babies and Bedwetting Survey back in diapers adult bed-wetting

I wet the bed until I was 14 years old. I wore pull-ups until I was about 9 and then from there on out I wore Goodnites until I stopped wetting the bed. I stopped.

At that time there wasn't a huge market for quality adult diapers so I spent most of my teens wearing Depends to bed. And once I could drive I.

17 year old Nikko starts wetting the bed and starts wearing diapers. "These are adult diapers and should be enough to hold your pee." I was so embarrassed.

You prefer washing the bedding every day to wearing an adult diaper? And you would rather your sweetie sleep surrounded by your pee than.