#Showbiz: Living with incontinence, Shima forced to wear adult diapers - forced adult diapers


forced adult diapers

#Showbiz: Living with incontinence, Shima forced to wear adult diapers. Tahir Alhamzah. 4 days ago. Kada is keen to go to school and says she is heartbroken .

Sep 11, KUALA LUMPUR: Having suffered from slipped disc since , which has led to urinary incontinence, veteran singer Shima admitted that she had since resorted to wearing adult diapers. The year-old artiste whose full name is Ku Nazhatul Shima Ku Kamarazzaman said that she had.

Sep 11, With their busy lifestyles and impatience with physical limitations, baby boomers have forced manufacturers of adult diapers to rethink their.

An adult diaper is a diaper made to be worn by a person with a body larger than that of an . himself to test their absorbency following complaints that nursing home residents were forced to remain in unchanged diapers for days at a time.