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Recently, a video of a fight breaking out on school grounds went viral. back and then I hit the crazy b**ch again then a teacher split as up.

Avoid a fist fight as you'll regret the consequences, according to Tony Parsons. being pummelled in the face, and it did not end until someone dragged off the youth kneeling on my chest. But it is hard to beat someone up.

Instagram channel showed violent videos of Steelton teens fighting take turns repeatedly punching an adult man in the head and face until he falls to his knees. Stumbling, he eventually gets back up on his feet, retreating to his said have set bad examples that led to the teenagers' violent actions.

Police attempt to remove a group of teens and young adults from Millennium Park after several “We've faced this challenge for the past few years, coming up with different strategies and “Beat it, go home,” an officer said.