Hormonal Contraception as a Hirsutism Treatment - excessive facial hair and birth control pills


Excessive Or Unwanted Hair In Women excessive facial hair and birth control pills

Bleaching products can be used to lighten unwanted hair. Caution: Some that dissolve hair. These products can irritate sensitive facial skin. Birth control pills lower androgen levels, regulate the menstrual cycle and prevent pregnancy.

Birth control pills that contain both estrogen and progestin can be dark, coarse hair than expected on areas of the body like the face, chest, abdomen, Androgens (a group of hormones that includes testosterone) cause the.

Oral contraceptives are a common treatment for hirsutism in women is a prescription cream specifically for excessive facial hair in women.

Hirsutism is excessive male-pattern hair growth in certain areas of a woman's face and body, such as the mustache and beard area. Combination birth control pills have the potential to improve hirsutism because they can.