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Christy geelong escort

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They planned to sell the horses in Portland.

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They planned to sell the horses in Portland. However, Morton followed their tracks to Bilston's Inn, near Heywoodwhere the trio were arrested.

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Gardiner was tried under his real name, Christie, at Geelong on 22 Esckrt and sentenced to christy years hard labour. Most of the escorts were rounded up within days but Gardiner escaped and made his way to New South Walesperhaps stopping at the station in central Geelong where his father and younger sisters were living. There are scattered reports of him having been arrested at the McIvor diggings on suspicion of robbing the gold escort the week. However, there is no record of him ever appearing in court in this matter.

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In February Gardiner now calling himself Clarke and Prior were caught trying to sell stolen horses at Yass. This time he was sentenced to fourteen years seven years for each charge. While imprisoned on Cockatoo Island he met chhristy bushranger John Peisley. Granted a ticket of leave in on the condition of staying in the Carcoar district, he soon ed Peisley, who was roaming as a lone highwayman.

His ticket of leave was gee,ong and a warrant for his arrest for cattle stealing was issued. Briefly captured after a gunfight with two troopers at Fogg's hut chridty Reids FlatGardiner and Fogg managed to bribe one of the policemen to allow Gardiner to escape. This hold up is considered to be one of the largest ever gold robberies in Australian history. Much of the gold was recovered by mounted police after they surprised the gang on Wheoga Hill near Forbes.

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What happened to the remaining gold is still the subject of much speculation and rumour. Treasure hunters still visit the area and it is even rumoured that two Americans who were thought fscort be Gardiner's nephews visited the Wheogo Station near the Weddins in claiming to be miners.

Gardiner was apprehended in controversial circumstances by both NSW police operating outside their jurisdiction and by troopers of the paramilitary Native Police. He was taken back to Sydneyand sentenced to 32 years hard labour.

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Gardiner only served 10 years of his sentence when he was released by Sir Hercules Robinsonthen Governor of New South Walesafter successful appeals by his two sisters. He was granted an early release, conditional on his leaving the country.

He is just one of many Australians exiled from this country during the bushranging era. A couple of months later he relocated to a more upmarket Brannan St which was closer to the docks.

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Australians arriving in San Francisco would often ask about him and have a drink at his premises. By he was out on the street, it was reported that Gardiner had overextended credit to his clientele and couldn't pay the bills.

The circumstances of his death are not known with any degree of certainty, due in large part to the destruction caused during the San Francisco earthquake. There are many rumours about his life there, including a claim that he married a rich American widow and had two sons. Another rumour was that he died in Colorado in None have been proven.