Former U.S. Marine talks about all those bro jobs that happen between ‘straight’ soldiers / Queerty - true gay military sex confessions


Tell: An Intimate History of Gay Men in the Military | GQ true gay military sex confessions

He continues, “To be completely honest, several of them were gay, just like me. For his part, he didn't need to fib because he had a real wife and kid. straight guys are giving up “bro jobs” and engaging in “dude sex” Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of #life #army #hookingup stories and more.

A meeting in a chatroom results in a real-world hookup between a civilian on an out-of-town assignment and a young naval officer looking for some man-to-man.

The army lieutenant knew his career was irrevocably damaged when military investigators visited him in , demanding that he admit having had sex with another male soldier — a crime in South Korea’s military. Then they seized the lieutenant’s smartphone, pressing him to.

More than men have been sexually assaulted in the military in recent decades. Shame Homosexuality was not just forbidden in the ranks, it was seen as a national security threat. . And we got forced into sex acts none of us wanted. Real men don't get raped, he told himself, they fight back.