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Depilatory Market Moves Far Beyond the Short-Shorts Wearers - The New York Times nair for teen girls

Nair (a cream hair-removal product) is now targeting teen girls. The Nair Pretty website treats shaving for the first time much like the first.

Our middle school girl is ready to shave her legs. M&M chose Nair hair remover lotion for her first shave. Check out M&M’s first time using Nair hair remover lotion.

The other girls that are in ehr group routine have been commenting on her hairy legs. She *is* quite hairy, dark hair, and add to that Koreans.

Nair recently launched its "Pretty" range for, in their own words, "first-time hair removers." Girls as young as fifth grade are being targeted for wax. 'Tweens and teens are still growing and in need of messages that boost their.