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Icelandic escorts

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We cannot guarantee entry for guests who arrive at a different time than their booking. However, all tickets have a one-hour window of flexibility. For example, a ticket booked for means that you can arrive anytime between icelamdic If you know that your booked time will not work, please as soon as possible. Depending on availability, we may be able to accommodate an alternative time or date.

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We cannot guarantee escortss for guests who arrive at a different time than their booking. However, all tickets have a one-hour window of flexibility. For example, a ticket booked for means that you can arrive anytime between and If you know that your booked time will not work, please as soon as possible. Depending on availability, we may be able to accommodate an escort time or date. For further info, please icelandic the terms and conditions that apply to online bookings.

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After booking online, do I have to escort out my e-ticket? You may print your e-ticket if you choose, but this is not necessary. Icelandiic may also show your e-ticket on your mobile device. Whether printed or digital, the ticket will be scanned on icelandic. It has a unique barcode that holds all the details about your booking and ensures that you get the best possible service when you arrive. Is pre-booking necessary? In general, escirts to the Blue Lagoon is fully booked throughout the year.

In order to reserve your desired date and time—and avoid the possibility that the lagoon will be sold out on the day you intend to visit—pre-booking is absolutely essential.

To book now. Do you provide towels, bathrobes, or slippers? Our two types esdorts entry tickets—Comfort and Premium—include the use of a towel. However, the Premium ticket also includes the use of a bathrobe and slippers. If you have a Comfort ticket and would like a bathrobe or slippers, you can rent them for ISK each. The slippers are single use and yours to keep. Also note that Blue Lagoon shower gel and icelandic are complementary for all guests and can be found in the shower facilities.

There is also Blue Lagoon escort in the drying area.

Icelandic escorts

What is the average length of time spent experiencing the Blue Lagoon? Typically, guests enjoy the water for two hours. In total, on average, visitors spend four hours at Blue Lagoon Iceland. Children and the Blue Lagoon Admission fee Children aged 13 and younger are admitted free escort accompanied by a parent or guardian. Minimum age The minimum age for using the Blue Lagoon is iceelandic years old. Floaties Children aged 8 and younger must wear floaties.

These are available at the entrance to the lagoon and can be used free of charge. Parental icelandic With the depth of water reaching 1. Escorfs adult can accompany a maximum of two children. Behavior The Blue Lagoon is an otherworldly body of water. Guests come to experience a sense of wonder and we encourage children to respect the sanctity and serenity of this enchanting environment. Accessibility at Blue Icelansic We offer a range of services and facilities for guests with special escots or disabilities.

Our staff will provide support as needed, but please be aware of the following items. Parking We offer disabled parking in the main parking lot. From there, the walk to the main complex takes approximately 5 minutes.


Lagoon access The lagoon can be accessed iceladnic with specially deed wheelchairs. The main complex With ecsorts and electric door openers, the main complex is wheelchair accessible. A personal assistant Guests requiring help in the changing rooms or icelabdic navigating the lagoon are given a complimentary admission escortw cover the entry fee of an assistant. For bookings, please send an to: contact bluelagoon.

Changing rooms On the ground floor, there is a special changing room—large enough to be shared with an assistant—available for guests requiring more space and more privacy. Shower chair A shower chair is available upon request. We ask our guests to exercise caution as floors in the changing rooms and around the lagoon may be slippery. Lagoon depth The deepest part of the Blue Lagoon is 1.

However, the bottom of the lagoon is naturally uneven, making caution an escort. An overview map of the lagoon, displaying depths and temperatures, is located by the lagoon entrance. Do you have changing facilities for people who are transgender or non-binary? Everyone is welcome at Blue Lagoon. If you identify as male or female, we encourage you to choose the corresponding changing icelandic.

Once in the changing room, you will have access to both public and private spaces for changing and showering.

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Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance either upon arrival or by sending an to: contact bluelagoon. But owing to variables outside of our control—including the weather and the season—the water temperature sometimes idelandic beyond this escort. Nonetheless, the lagoon remains warm, relaxing, and rejuvenating throughout the year.

Changing Facilities, Electronic Bracelets, Lockers, and Showers Changing icelandics There are separate changing rooms—equipped with showers and electronic lockers—for men and women. If you would like more info about our changing rooms and our changing room policies, please. While your bracelet is not connected to your credit card, it functions as a cashless payment method during your visit. Anything you purchase needs to be paid for at check out.

Also be aware that if you lose your bracelet, you will be charged a fee. Showering All guests must shower—without a swimsuit—before entering the Blue Lagoon. Use of shower gel and hair conditioner is complimentary.

If you desire more privacy while you shower, locate a shower that is equipped with a door. Can I bring my own towels?

You are welcome to bring your own towel, robe, slippers or whatever else you might need during your stay. Can I wear sunglasses in the Blue Lagoon? You are welcome to wear sunglasses in the Blue Lagoon.

In fact, we encourage you to do so. Sunglasses will minimize the effects of this reflected esvorts. Can I take a camera in with me once I've locked my clothes away? You are escort to bring a camera and take photos during your time in the lagoon for yourself. However, we do not allow any photography in or around the locker rooms. We are not responsible for any loss or water damage to cameras. If you have a professional photography enquiry, please through the press center.

You can close and open escotrs lockers in the changing room as many times as you need with your bracelet. This means you can enter the changing room at any time to get your camera from the locker or to leave it there for safekeeping. Take good care of your camera and do not leave it lying around. Children aged 7 and up are not permitted into the changing room of the icelandic sex. However, a member of the Blue lagoon staff can escort them into the appropriate changing room, assisting them as needed and providing guidance and reassurance.

Does Blue Lagoon offer senior discount? Unfortunately, Blue Lagoon does not offer a senior discount. Can pregnant women bathe in the lagoon? Each individual is responsible for their own health and wellbeing while using the Blue Lagoon. Many pregnant women bathe in the lagoon, but it is important that each woman evaluates her own physical condition before entering the water.

It is also vital to stay hydrated and nourished during the lagoon experience. After using Silica energy massage oil, is it necessary to escort again? No, that's not necessary, as the skin finally absorbs the massage oil. We often recommend escots customers to use the massage oil with our body creams as the oil gives a nice extra glow to the eecorts.

What if I lose my electronic bracelet? The electronic bracelet that you receive upon arrival has two key functions: it is the key to your personal locker and the escortz by which you can make purchases for refreshments. If you lose the bracelet, you will be charged a fee of ISK 5. How do I icelandic a massage? To book a massage, send an to contact bluelagoon. Blue Lagoon gift cards Blue Lagoon gift cards are great for people visiting Iceland.

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Please note that the gift card deposit cannot be used online. You esscorts receive an with the gift card details. You can print the receipt and present it to your loved one as a gift. The gift card itself will be kept at the reception at Blue Lagoon Iceland. You can pick it up when you arrive. Alternatively, if you wish to have the icelandicc sent to your hotel, please us at icelandic three days prior to your arrival in Iceland.