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Looking for multiple partners

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She's like super busy. So what are we ordering?

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She's like super busy. So what are we ordering?

What It's Like to Be in a Polyamorous Relationship | SELF

So Marcus doesn't like bagel so Alex is gonna get a poppy seed bagel. That's what he gets every morning and then I'm gonna get Marcus a chopped cheese. I don't even feel like I can remember what like my one boyfriend wants to eat.

Do you say that they're both your boyfriends or I know you like this is my primary boyfriend or like my top to your boyfriend. Everyone is aware that Alec is my primary partner. It's like the same way that like uh like if you have an emergency contact. Work like you have an emergency contact you know lookjng that is like that's not Marcus.

It's Alex so pretending that they're equal would not benefit anyone. You know are you like the idea of just like emergency over primary.

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Yeah there you go. Hey breakfast.

I got a bagel for you. Thank you so much and I have chopped cheese for you. So what mulhiple your relationship? I call him boyfriend.

He calls me girlfriend. We have sex and like we have sex, but we do not all have sex together.

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That's not what we're looking for. They can do everything.

The more love the better like this is an additive model for love. Here Are you in love with? Fpr of them, I am I think it's threatening because you just feel like what if you love someone more than you love me. That's a big one. I will bring up to me, sometimes like hey, I haven't had enough time with you cuz you've been spending a lot of time parrtners Marcus can we plan like a getaway together and like we'll do that We have so much euro.

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We might be here. There's a lot of and that's been really important for me to like move things aside in order to respect that with him and the same thing like the. Marcus He needs a lot of emotional support, so that's time management of something that comes in to play. Do you think people who are poly are like better or vor evolved than monogamous people. No not at all. There's some there's certain types of relationships.

I genuinely cannot.

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I felt like a failure doing Monogamy. I really did you just have to myltiple so good at communication for this to work. You're welcome. What is like excuse me cuz I love you on the train. It's the only one I need to know so Marcus has only been doing.

Miss Polly thing for 3 months so as a newbie is he looking freaking out because I would be when you met and for told you that she was what did you think? I'm not gonna lie because I've been monogamous up until that point is this really gonna be a real connection partner can someone really love two people at once and like a lot of things came into my head, but just seeing how her and Alec interact is different from the way me and her interact.

Lpoking from not having met Alex first do you think that meeting them has changed the way you think about love and relationships on a whole definitely being monogamous like it does have its perks, but the one thing it looking allow for as much freedom. I feel multiple Poly allows for that and not only that, but it allows for a deeper connection because there has to be that level of communication that level of trust there.

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So don't you ever get sick of talking now when there's good conversation. Hi okay.

But with all this talking is there even time for sex. Come here so do you guys all spend so much time together? How does sex happen like do you have to get a document? Multipl like you preschedule your own sex time slots or you just like I'm gonna go now to the looking room and you have to wait outside. We communicate one for we stop and me and Marcus came home like earlier or something and then Alec also came home from work much earlier than expected, so we ran into each other and then we were trying to pwrtners like a day.

I just at a partnegs point was like Alec would you mind leaving so me and Marcus can have sex and he was like yeah and he's like got up and left and you guys are okay with that. I don't actually have a particular problem with it cuz like you don't have to rely on one partnrrs to get everything that you partner emotionally or physically you know what I mean, I mean, that's the other really big thing that that happens in this relationship, but multiple Marcus is black and I'm black and we get to be black together.

I can't be black with Alec. You know what I mean.

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I have this great relationship with him, but there was this lacking area that just made me sad that I wasn't able to connect with him on race. I don't have to like force Alec to like know everything about my culture. I can get that from somebody else and we can still have our relationship. Your different paartners of yourself with each of them.

Well, you get to like tap into different areas that you don't necessarily have as much access to with one person you can tap lookjng it with multiple people.