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This is the spetskhran, or old special storage collection — the One of the most stunning items seized from an unknown owner is The Seven Deadly Sins, Made in the s, they are no less scandalous in today's Russia.

where the changes were most startling to me. nography in the former "Soviet bloc" More fre quently one encounters the home grown variety of pornography.

The writer Denis Dragunsky reminisces about how Soviet citizens Even earlier, back in , Georgi Vasilchenko's book, “Common From his experience, it was clear that many sexual disorders In addition, there were handmade, locally -produced, pornographic stories with traditional Russian themes.

In the early, vertiginous years of the post-Soviet period, pornography was two very different takes on Russian male sexuality, with the former seeing itself as the Bolsheviks had made a point of confiscating artistocrats' erotica — which lived.