Cable Jacket Stripper mm Cable Sheaths - Ripley MK04 - large cable jacket stripper


Panduit | Cutters & Strippers large cable jacket stripper

Use this tool to strip cables from to 25mm diameter. It can perform circular, longitudinal, and spiral slitting of cable jackets. Works perfectly for safely stripping .

Large Cable Stripper (2/ MCM) Klein Tools - - Jonard CST Round Cable Stripper for Fast and Precise Jacket Removal, 3/ 16".

Klein's Large Cable Stripper safely removes the insulation on MTW, THHN and THWN-2 cable without nicking the wire. The clover design features four different sizes from MCM - 2/0 in one tool. Put down the utility knife for a safer, easier and more precise cutting tool.

A quick and effective tool to cleanly remove the insulation on MTW/THHN/THWN- 2 cable without nicking the wire. Clover design features 4 different sizes (