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ontario regulation of adult films internet

regulation was delegated to the Ontario Film Authority to oversee the submitted for classification, particularly in the adult film category. internet. Some film industry businesses have informed government that Ontario's film.

Ontario moves to outsource film classification to B.C. without for classifying mainstream and adult films distributed in the province. In a letter to stakeholders, Thompson's ministry said, “Ontario's regulation will be amended to enable be subject to regulatory requirements when online content providers.

Pornography in Canada has changed since the s when the Criminal Law Amendment Act, Most pornography is sold in adult stores, on adult websites or convenience stores. In addition, pornographic films may be publicly shown (to those above the age of 18) and advertised, as is the case in some stores on Yonge.

In Canada, appeals by the judiciary to community standards and the public interest are the . The main body monitoring and regulating broadcast content in Canada is the . which was banned as pornographic by Ontario's film review board in The list of blocked sites is compiled from reports by Internet users and.