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Robin Padilla and Angel Locsin team up to find 'Asian Treasures' | datu in asian treasures

Asian Treasures is a Philippine television drama adventure series broadcast by GMA Eddie Garcia as Wakan U. Matadtu / Supremo / Datu Makatunaw; Ronaldo Valdez as Ulysses Agoncillo / Plaridel; Caridad Sanchez as Miranda /.

It is said that these treasures were gathered from different parts of Asia by 10 Bornean Datus who formed a city in a place known as Itim na Ginto (Black Gold).

The Asian Treasure referred to is the treasure collected from all over Asia left by the ten Bornean Datus in the island of Panay. The treasures.

Asian Treasures. by DecreatorOfReality Datu Bangkaya – hidden in the scepter of the Queen of Southeast Asia. +. Datu Balensuela – in the south side of .