Naked in Tokyo – a curious half hour - naked in tokyo


11 Things to Know Before Visiting a Japanese Bath naked in tokyo

We were visiting our son in Seoul and Japan is a near neighbour, so it was long overdue. We found the Shibuya Crossing made famous by the movie ‘Lost in Translation’. I’ve always wanted to go to a public bathhouse and naturally Japan seemed like the best place to do this.

Experiencing a Japanese onsen is one of the most Japanese experiences one can experience in Japan. An onsen is the Japanese word for hot springs, thermal baths, saunas – all of that. Prior research on Google will show you that onsen are everywhere in Tokyo.

Do I have to take my shoes off? Are onsens full of naked strangers? We answer your travel questions.

For those of you who aren't familiar, Japanese people like to get naked and take baths together in public. Here's how to join 'em.